Meet N Lunch

We have all heard of a meet n greet, but what about a “meet n lunch?” There is no better way to impress a business associate, a new client, or a prospective customer, or even sit down for a great lunch with the girls than with a fabulous Croque Monsieur from la Madeleine. Lingering over a savoury lunch in the charming ambience of a French café is sure to demonstrate your exquisite taste, and may even help to ink a big business deal for you.

croque 300x182 Meet N LunchWhat is a Croque Monsieur? The uninitiated are in for a fabulous treat. Combining comfort food with international panache, it is the French twist on an American favorite- the ham and cheese sandwich. However, ham and cheese does not begin to do justice to the experience provided by a Croque Monsieur! Tender ham, bursting with flavour, is paired with warm and delicate Swiss cheese. Served with la Madeleine’s savoury garlic sauce, it is a treat for the senses. It is easy to see why this is one of la Madeleine’s signature items.

When self-described “French country boy” Patrick Leon Esquerré arrived in Dallas, he missed the flavours of his home in the French countryside. Finding nothing comparable here in the States, he opened his first café in Dallas. Since then, la Madeleine’s award-winning cuisine has become so popular that the restaurant now has 60 locations nationwide. Come in for a “meet n lunch” with a client, a boss, a friend, a family member, or even a date, and after your first bite of Croque Monsieur, you will understand why this taste of France is so beloved in America.

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